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Increase Stamina

smart golfers need a smart workout

We’re excited to bring our FAST unique golf program of EMS training to golfers of all ages and levels.

Our goal is to help every golfer improve their game and reach their full potential. We believe that EMS training is the key to unlocking your inner athlete, and we’re committed to helping you reach your goals.


Initial consultation

We set up your goals and take you through a physical history questionary.

Golf Performance Evaluation

We use the TPI screening test (Titleist Performance Institute).

This movement assessment analyzes how physical limitations affect your golf swing and potentially lead to injury. We use this data to personalize your fitness program.

EMS intro Session

Your coach will guide you through a 15 to 20 mins private EMS Golf session.

what happens in class

*Our EMS golf sessions are semi-private and go up to 2 people. It cannot exceed 20 mins of workout and an optional 5 mins recovery.


Increase power & speed. This high intensity full body workout is executed with no impact and no added weights. You’ll perform golf specific exercises that target the muscles involved in the swing. It helps build dynamic strength, develop core and back stability, improve upper – lower body dissociation, and get more balance.


Develop stamina and muscular endurance. We combine EMS with traditional cardio-equipment. The lower frequency of that program allows you to perform your cardio training while your muscles are activated by the EMS. It helps reduce on-course fatigue.


Recover faster & decrease pain. Post workout, you can regenerate your body with this 5 mins program. The frequency is similar to a Tens Unit with the benefits of feeling it all over the body. It helps detox the body, increase blood circulation, and reduce inflammation in chronic and acute pain areas.

Our Coaches Are More Than Just Coaches

As you take in the energy of our EMS Golf workout, you’ll also get the attention and inspiration that comes from our EMS certified coaches.

They’re energetic, they ensure your safety, and they always push you forward to hit your fitness goal.

They have coached people of all ages and fitness levels and can walk you through adjustments to help you feel successful in class.

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Laura Dern
    Laura Dern


    EMS Training with Douma Fitness has been a game changer! I have been training with Foued for the past 5 years and I love to get my workout done in just 20mins. I feel energized and toned in all the areas I want. Highly recommended!

    Marta & Joanna Krupa
      Marta & Joanna Krupa

      International cover girl and TV host

      EMS training has completely transformed how we stay fit. The results speak for themselves. In just 20 minutes a week we feel strong, toned and super energized. Thank you Douma Fitness!

      Marianne Maddalena
        Marianne Maddalena


        I can’t say enough about working out with Douma Fitness and EMS. It totally reshaped my body, and EMS has added real estate to my butt, which I needed, and the looks I get from men tell the story! I love it, and I can’t live without it.

          DAVIS FACTOR


          “Douma Fitness has changed my life with their new EMS training concept.”

          Shaun Fagan
            Shaun Fagan

            True Spec Golf

            “Training with Douma Fitness on the EMS has been a huge lifesaver!”



              “I really love EMS program because it always targets my personal ambitions.”